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Soft wine pourer - set of 5

Clean cut flow for a stain-free tablecloth. Gentle oxygenation and revelation of wine aromas.

An innovation linked to a model deposit from L'Atelier du Vin, the Soft Aerator Pourer offers a 2 in 1 service.

In the shape of a feather, the Soft Aerator Pourer cuts the flow of the poured wine and thus offers great precision when serving while avoiding unsightly stains on tablecloths. The great flexibility of the Pourer also allows this little nib to be adapted to all bottle necks .

The Soft Aerator Pourer is equipped with a raised oxygenation zone to gently reveal the aroma of the wine. Its silver color plays with the reflections of the wine, the colors are enhanced and the service thus becomes a ritual.

The Soft Aerator Pourer comes with a pouch for elegant storage of the five reusable pourers.

Effective and essential tool for enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

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