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Ribbed aerator spout

The Leaf Pourer is the first open pourer which oxygenates the wine as soon as it flows out of the neck of the bottle.

Instructions for use: Placed in the neck of the bottle, the Pourer-leaf has a dual function: 1. The aromas of the wine are delicately stimulated, thanks to the Nervures des Arômes® and the flare of the leaf. 2. The flow of wine and its stopping is easily controlled. For gently revealed aromas and intact layers! Thanks to its open shape, the Leaf Pourer is easy to maintain hygienically: between each use, wash with lukewarm water, without rubbing.

Fits most standard size bottles. Those specially molded (certain Italian wines for example) may have a neck diameter that is too small to accommodate the Leaf Pourer.

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