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Jean de Luz

Albacore tuna belly in olive oil

Albacore tuna belly in olive oil

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Albacore tuna (or white tuna), is the noblest species of tuna fished between June and October.

Tuna belly is a rare and tasty dish! It is so rare that there are only 4 kg of it for a 100 kg tuna. This is the ventral part, the fattest and noblest of the fish. It is this which contains the famous Omega 3, these fatty acids with multiple benefits for our health!

Its long pieces of fillets perfectly complement your salads, tapas or other hot dishes.

SEASONALITY: tuna is caught between June and October in the Basque Country. This dish being very rare and in demand, we are sometimes out of stock - we must therefore wait until the next fishing season.

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