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Oeno Motion Trésor

Oeno Motion Trésor

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The Oeno Motion Trésor is a unique present. At first glance, it first appears as a mysterious wooden box, lacquered in a delicate red. Its fine high-definition laser engravings evoke the revisited aesthetic of old trunks. Stamped L'Atelier du Vin, it lets connoisseurs guess the mark of a precious oenology jewelry box.

Once the box is opened, a deep emotion suddenly emanates from it, when its centerpiece is revealed. An authentic vertical lever corkscrew from the Oeno Motion collection, carefully positioned in its case, is ready to open exceptional bottles.

Handcrafted over its entire surface to reveal a sublime satin patina, this intuitive wine tool invites you to manipulate it for the duration of an oenological ritual. The curve of its lever, covered in solid walnut, matches the perfect ergonomics of its opening mechanism, particularly appreciated by oenologists and sommeliers for more than 15 years. Each model is unique, due to the random natural pattern of the veins of its noble wood.

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