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A true piece of art formed from a sheet of oval stainless steel folded and polished by hand, Anamorphose shapes a silver disk in a corner of the room, like an eyepiece opening onto a new moving space. Anamorphosis, up close, because it reflects itself, is an ideal makeup mirror, in that it shows the three dimensions of the face: its front and its sides.

As we move away from it and hover around it, the oval of Anamorphosis distorts and begins to send back moving and fluid images of its environment, until the final calming of the anamorphosis accomplished, visible from a single location in the room: the interior silver disc then fits into a perfect circle. Included: hanging washer to attach to the wall (hanging template provided), to securely attach the mirror.

Can also be used simply placed on its side, on a table or console, as a dressing mirror. Clean carefully using a soft damp cloth.

Dimensions: L 32.5 cm x W 20 cm x H 37 cm. Thickness: 1.5 mm - Weight: 1.5 kg.

Valérie Windeck

A graduate of the School of Art and Design of Saint-Etienne and Decorative Arts of Paris, Valérie Windeck is both a freelance designer and artistic director of a Parisian watch brand.

Valérie has worked since the beginning on function and simplicity.

Not minimalism, too cold for his taste, but the essential form, which makes the object accessible and readable even in its method of manufacture, as shown by his Domus bookends, and his Block-news (Cinna-Ligne Roset) , made of folded sheet metal, or its objects in turned wood.

The Anamorphose Mirror is the culmination and surpassing of this work, where the function of reflection reveals another, anamorphosis, which projects design to the edge of contemporary art.

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