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THEATER / ALONE ON STAGE: Silk, the cult novel by Alessandro Baricco by Boy Desmazières

THEATER / ALONE ON STAGE: Silk, the cult novel by Alessandro Baricco by Boy Desmazières

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Silk, by Alessandro Baricco

Adaptation & direction: Boy Desmazières
With: Boy Desmazières
1h20, without intermission

An incursion into a captivating, refined world, and a love story as soft as “silk”…

Who hasn't read Alessandro Baricco's novel? Seta, its original title was published in Italy in 1996 and the French version in 1997. Silk became a cult novel in just a few months.

Boy Desmazières is alone on stage, without decor or artifice. He disappears behind this magnificent text with delicacy and sensitivity. Bringing the novel's different protagonists back to life, he embodies in turn gentleness and brutality, sensuality and everyday life, mystery and simplicity.

Summary :

Hervé Joncour's job is to buy and sell silkworms. He will undertake four trips to Japan to obtain silkworms. A meeting with a young girl who seems to captivate him will give rise to a mysterious love story. 

Extract :

“In front of him he saw the immense aviary, with its doors wide open, absolutely empty. And in front of the aviary, a woman. He didn't look around and just continued walking, slowly, only stopping when he was facing her.
Her eyes did not have an oriental shape, and her face was that of a young girl.
Hervé Joncour took a step towards her, stretched out his arm and opened his hand. On his palm was a note, folded into four. She saw him and her whole face broke into a smile. She placed her hand on Hervé Joncour's, squeezed gently, lingered for a moment, then withdrew it, keeping between her fingers this note which had traveled around the world. She had barely hidden it in a fold of her clothing when Hara Kei's voice was heard.

— Welcome, my French friend. »

Alessandro Baricco

The Italian Alessandro Baricco is a novelist, essayist, musicologist, director and man of the theater. His protean work deserves particular attention.

Born in 1958 in Turin, he first worked in advertising before publishing his first book Castle of Wrath in 1991, then founding a school of narration in 1994. Many works followed in different forms, which made tell his French translator: “What only belongs to him is the astonishing marriage between the jubilation of writing, the joy of being in the world and of singing it, and the overwhelming feeling of an inevitability, of a destiny. »

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