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PIANO RECITAL: Jean-Philippe Collard

PIANO RECITAL: Jean-Philippe Collard

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Piano recital by Jean-Philippe Collard

Approximately 1h15, without intermission

“We must touch the heart and not overly intellectualize the works that have been worked on for years” also affirms the interpreter. They compose a prodigious harvest, the fruits of romanticism, of Chopin and Schumann, extended to Rachmaninov and embellished by two centuries of French music.

The legendary pianist continues his search for the absolute in the interpretation of works by Scriabin and Rimsky-Korsakov, without forgetting his favorite composer, Fauré: he has dazzled the musical scene since the beginning of the 1970s, notably with his interpretation of Barcarolles by Fauré published in 1971, and re-registered 50 years later!

Jean-Philippe Collard

His proposal is that of a dialogue without words. Just by the look then the sound. An infinity of sounds.

All of Jean-Philippe Collard's sound worlds are impregnated with colors, this "sensation that light variously reflected by bodies produces on the organ of sight" suggests the Littré dictionary with an epicurean perception unusual in such a work and, yet, so familiar in a pianist who calls himself, precisely, “hungry for colors”. But not just any. A gourmet of pigments, the artist knows what nuance is in everything, when soundscapes with a measured temperament resonate in the iridescence of arpeggios and the caudalie of chords. When he remembers his apprenticeship with Pierre Sancan, the friendship of Vladimir Horowitz and then his meetings all over the world alongside the elite of conductors and the greatest orchestras, Jean-Philippe Collard knows that he can say anything to the public. So he paid homage to the gods of colors, his composers.

It is necessary, he says, “to be drawn in by the music, to be soothed in order to find the path to spontaneity and captivate the audience”. Transmitting and revealing the beauty of music goes beyond the nature of a passion: the approach is of the order of a vital necessity for which one must resolve to share one's own emotions, without the desire to conquer in return. An immense offering, after hundreds of concerts and more than sixty recordings.

Program :

Fauré, Chopin, Scriabin

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