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Tango, poems and songs...

A remarkable trio: a sister, a brother, a friend

Two voices, one guitar...

Emma Milan: singing

Floriane Charles: guitar

Patrice Bornand: reciting

On stage, the singer is surrounded by an actor and a guitar. The sung and spoken voices alternate, responding to each other in an evocation of the great poets of tango, such as Homero Manzi, Homero Exposito, Catulo Castillo and so many others...

The powerful bond that has united Paris, France and Buenos Aires for more than a century is clearly perceptible here, embodied by the two languages, the Spanish of the song and the French of the poems recited by the actor.

Two voices with complementary colors, the strings of the guitar vibrating in unison, the form is direct, sober and fully conveys the beauty of the texts.

Emma Milan,

Tango and...Argentina at the heart

Nothing destined Emma Milán to sing tango, but as luck would have it, this Spanish teacher decided around twenty years ago to commit her life and her voice to a beautiful Argentinian adventure. It is perhaps precisely because she did not grow up with tango and its tradition that Emma Milán manages to transmit such emotion in her songs, doubling her passion to get as close as possible to the authentic . Mysterious, captivating, inexorably passionate, the tango that Emma Milán sings transports us to the old sweaty and smoky cafes of Buenos Aires and it is a treat. Faithful to her first loves, she continues her exploration of Argentine poetry by interpreting texts of carnal vivacity; his frequent stays in Argentina nourish each piece, diving back into the traditional roots of tango. Languorous, sensual, the tango that Emma Milán sings leaves no one indifferent. For around twenty years she has stayed regularly in Argentina where she sang in Buenos Aires - ND Ateneo theater, rosedal del parque de Palermo, Casona del Teatro, cabaret el Sanata, peña del Colorado - in the northeast as well as in Rosario and the Corrientes and Cafayate festivals. She has collaborated with many very talented musicians such as Rudi Flores, Ciro Pérez, Roger Helou, Nini Flores, Maximiliano "Moscato" Luna, Juanjo Mosalini, Chloé Pfeiffer and Lysandre Donoso, duo Doble filo, Simone Tolomeo, Pablo Murgier and trio Los Milonguitas , Trio Nada Más, Diego Trosman, Fernando Maguna, Tomás Bordalejo, Floriane Charles, the Chilean guitarist Simón González, the Paraguayan violinista Andrea González, orchestras Silbando y Silencio.

Floriane Charles is a talented guitarist living in Buenos Aires who performs regularly with Emma.

Patrice Bornand

Patrice is an actor and director now living in Nîmes.

A fan of the theater world, Patrice Bornand also tries his hand at cinema and television. From 1977 to 1980, the young man studied at the Higher School of Dramatic Art of the National Theater of Strasbourg. The performer is also keen to direct certain plays himself. We note for example 'Kabaret Valentin', 'Thomas Usher', 'The Eye of Thieves' and 'Boucherie de nuit'. Present in more than thirty productions, this ogre of the theater also leans towards television, where we can notice him in 'L'Affaire Marie Humbert' by Marc Angelo. His career in cinema is marked by his presence in films like 'My best friend' by Patrice Leconte or 'Quelqu'un de bien' by Patrick Timsit. With an already extensive career, Patrice Bornand does not stop there and continues to practice his profession with a passion that remains intact.

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